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26 - 27 April 2023


Hannah Blumas, Julian Charrière, Marta Dyachenko, Abie Franklin, Richard Green, Andreas Greiner, Daniel Hölzl, Klaus Jörres, Anton Roland Laub, Simon Mullan, Florian Neufeldt, Monty Richthofen, Marie von Heyl, Jonas Wendelin

The exhibition a(r)rival questions individual human sensations associated with the concept of arrival. In the context of the exhibition, the concept of arrival is deliberately blurred. At the same time, the title of the exhibition also alludes to a rivalry of things and states.

An arrival always speaks of a new beginning, as well as of leaving something behind. Thus, there is always a rivalry between place A and place B - a rivalry between the feelings and memories associated with the old and the known, and those directed towards the potential of new beginnings. The exhibition looks at those very tensions that fan out in the in-between of states, places, and spheres: from home to sanctuary, from indoors to outdoors, from the depths of the earth to the heights and back to earth. Finally, in a(r)rival we encounter various materials in different forms, contexts and functions - materials appear as messengers of a new beginning and at the same time as witnesses of the past.

Curated by Daniel Hölzl

August 15th–September 19th 2021

Fadi Aljabour, David Edward Allen, Hannes Brunner, Anton Burdakov, Sunah Choi, Christoph Draeger, Kasia Fudakowski, Ingo Gerken, Lise Harlev, Marie von Heyl, Daniel Hölzl, Christin Kaiser, Shila Khatami, Anton Roland Laub, Antonia Low, Katharina Ludwig, Paul McDevitt, Ulrike Mohr, Christl Mudrak, Victorine Müller, Florian Neufeldt, Olaf Nicolai, Victoria Pidust, Lucy Powell, David Rickard, Fette Sans, Max Schulze, Aiko Shimotsuma, Tommy Støckel, Halveig Villand, Ella Ziegler, Michaela Zimmer

August 15th 12–10 pm

Opening times

Sat/Sun 12–6 pm
or by appointment sculplobe @

September 19th 5.30–9.30 pm

Lobe Block, Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin


August 15th 12–7 pm

I Have Eaten So Many Diamonds They Are Now Poking Through My Skin (says Anne)

Marie von Heyl & Fette Sans will perform the porosity of bodies and language in a seven hour long conversation in a setting by Kasia Fudakowski.

August 15th 5 pm
Room For A View (Daniel Hölzl with Hannes Brunner)
A performative architectural exercise in porosity as a reminder to the ambivalence of monolithic gestures

September 10th 11–3 pm

Room For A View (Daniel Hölzl with Hannes Brunner)

A performative architectural exercise in porosity

September 19th 6:30 pm


A reading performance by Katharina Ludwig weaving through the site of Lobe Block in search for an un-w/hol(e)-y, unreliable language of an environment/co-habitation that grows into a narrative choreography. Perhaps there will be props and objects involved.

„The new frontier is your epidermis“ writes Paul B. Preciado in his Art Forum essay Learning From The Virus and thereby points to the fact that the borders and outlines of countries, buildings and yes, bodies, are not set in stone but continuously drawn and redrawn. The permeability of the skin, Preciado seems to suggest, is not merely a biological fact, but also serves as an architectural and geographical me- taphor. Conceiving of bodies, objects, territories and buildings as porous entities, however, poses the question whether the subject/object divide that we have grown so accustomed to is conceptually still feasible. Are there other ways to make sense of the world, conceptually and/or aesthetically as well as socially?

The exhibition PORÖS at Lobe Block picks up on these threads to bring together artworks, performances and interventions under the umbrella term porosity. The outdoor areas of the building become the site for installations and events that metaphorically, aesthetically or conceptually engage with the concepts of porosity and permeability.

PORÖS will be the first public event of sculplobe e.V., a non-profit association founded in 2021 by a group of artists, architects and curators in order to facilitate art projects in and around the building Lobe Block in Berlin. Sculplobe e.V. aims to create a forum for conversations between contemporary global art and the neighbourhood Wedding. Participating artists are encouraged to engage artistically and socially with the local environment.

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